After a degree in The History of Art and Design and then spending 15 years as a museum creator, I changed career and went onto open a vintage shop with my then business partner, Sarah Legg. We were constantly disappointed by the quality of mainstream magazines and decided to have a go ourselves.  We jumped into the world of publishing with no real idea of what we were doing or how much hard work we were letting ourselves in for. I am totally indebted to Jo Keeling our editor, who joined us at the outset and listened to our hair-brain ideas, combined them her own passionate plans and immense magazine experience and helped us to make Pretty Nostalgic what it is today. 

We published our book Pretty Nostalgic Home in February 2012 and issue 1 of Pretty Nostalgic Magazine went on sale in May 2012. The good ship Pretty Nostalgic was launched and there was no turning back!

Lots of changes have happened along the way, Sarah has now left Pretty Nostalgic, we have been joined by other brilliant team members, Rae, Tina, Abi and many other wonderful contributors I find myself at the helm of an exciting independent publishing company with magazines sold all over the world! We publish 6 issues of Pretty Nostalgic magazine a year and 3 issues of our companion publication, The Vintage Scrapbook. We also organise our own events, print our own greetings card range and have many new books and bookazines in the pipeline.

Pretty Nostalgic is not like any other magazine; everything we do comes from a spark of excitement and a vivacious enthusiasm to share.  Jo leads an amazing team of writers, designers, photographers and illustrators and we write or commission all content ourselves and work only with the best. We want raw passion and the sort of knowledge that can only be passed on by someone who is living their dream. We encourage all our readers to spend wisely, waste less and appreciate more and have written a Pretty Nostalgic Pledge that we have all signed, and we hope that you along with our readers will sign too.

I run an independent publishing company whose sole purpose is to produce the best publications imaginable and to help those British businesses that deserve to be promoted rather than just those who can just afford to pay for it. We have sacrificed a lot in order to keep to our mission.  But the Pretty Nostalgic brand is getting out there, on our terms and by working with the right people. So far It has paid off, we have wonderfully loyal and interactive readers from all over the world and an ever-increasing social media following and I invite you to journey with us into a bright and prosperous future.
Wishing you happy days from vintage ways

Nicole Burnett
Managing Director

Rear Admiral: Nicole Burnett

The flag ship ocean liner: Pretty Nostalgic Magazine

Features Editor: Abigail Whyte

Head of Creative Marketing: Rachel Goodchild

Design and Marketing Assistant: Rae Edwards

Regional Editor (North): Sam Young

Regional Editor (South East): Millie Milliken

Regional Editor (South West): Michaela Parker


We’re on the look out for writers, photographers and illustrators to contribute to the magazine. Drop us a line and tell us a little about yourself and how you’d like to get involved.

If you think Pretty Nostalgic can help you in any way please contact myself nicole@prettynostalgic.co.uk or rachel@prettynostalgic.co.uk

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