A bi-monthly vintage lifestyle magazine 

that celebrates everything brilliantly British

Beautifully designed by our talented crew, all content is original and written or commissioned by us.  We do not use stock photography or recycle images from other publications.  We work with amazing designers, illustrators, photographers and writers and give them the freedom to act on their dream projects and fulfil their wildest artistic and publishing desires.  The attention to detail within the magazine is quite breath-taking and the time and effort put into each and every one of our features cannot be under estimated, you just have to compare it to any other magazine on the newsstand to see that the quality of the design and content is unmistakable

The magazine is 24 cm square and 112 pages.  It is printed by a family printers in Wales on lovely thick uncoated sustainably sourced paper with vegetable inks and then perfect bound into a quality publication which appears more like a book than a standard magazine and something the reader will want to keep for years to come.

Pretty Nostalgic is a mainstream and yet totally independent magazine, unlike any other on the market. It covers many subjects you would expect to find in a lifestyle magazine, homes, gardens, travel, fashion, beauty, food and crafts, but the features are focussed on traditional, sustainable and unique perspectives. 

Each page of the magazine aims to inspire readers to spend wisely, waste less and appreciate more, support what is worthy and good and denounce mass consumerism, bad quality and poor value.  We write features for the whole family suitable for any age, based on sound research and the best advice, which will be educational and inspiring as well as enjoyable to read.

Each magazine contains a mixture of the following:

Real life homes
Vintage collectors guides
British Makers
Crafts and DIY
Food and recipes
Nostalgia and historical information
Seasonal advice
Shopping guides
People Profiles

Our Passengers
Our readership, audiences and subscribers


Many of our readers are those who had previously given up hope of finding a good magazine and the feedback we get from them once they discover us is very heartening.  They are the readers which other magazines haven't been able to hold on to – the ones who wont fall for cheap gimmicks and tacky marketing campaigns, they just want a magazine which is interesting to read, doesn’t repeat the same content every year, is nice to look at and contains useful information and trustworthy contacts. For this they are willing to pay more than the cost of a standard magazine as they recognise that good content and design is worth more to them than pages full of advertising.
We also attract avid devourers of magazines who read many other high street publications, many of which they have subscribed to for years – that is until discovering Pretty Nostalgic – they queue up at the fairs we attend to tell us how Pretty Nostalgic is much better than the others and how they are cancelling their previous subscriptions and sticking to us instead.

There will always be those readers who are more comfortable with mainstream magazines and like what they offer, but many of those are the very same readers who will buy a cheap and nasty foreign imported product without thinking.  We are looking for a more select readership; those who care about what they are spending their money on and who they are spending their money with.  They are a creative bunch who like to have a go at creating things themselves and enjoy a bit of make do and mend, but when they need to buy something new, they want to buy the best quality and to support British makers and suppliers and they don’t mind paying for it.
Pretty Nostalgic is read by all ages and as much my men as by women, but they all share a desire for a more alternative and satisfying way of life and they strive to make a difference to their own lives and others as much as they can.

We have a very loyal and steadily growing subscription list, we need their support and we do all that we can to make them feel included and happy and we love to offer them exclusive offers and discounts which many of our Directory members take part in.

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